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Link to My Old Blog

Back before I knew what comedy was (which I'm am still figuring out) I used to post about random things just to get them out of my mind and into the ever growing depths of the internet.  Technically this could be looked at as my first attempt at being humerus to people outside of my social circle, but some of it really isn't that funny.  The sense of pride I got from having done this comes from ignorance, but I couldn't produce a website and not let these gems be accessible to anyone taking the time to look me up.

Some of you might be wondering where the name "Spiratics" came from.  It is the name is use for my secondary passion, photography.  (you can check some of my work out on the "Photos" section or you can go to my Facebook page "Spiratics Photography")

I kept all the posts anonymous and I'm not sure why.  maybe I thought it was a cooler thing to do...  Well hope you enjoy!  Feel free to comment, message or ignore it like a lot of people have in the past.

Spiratics Blog