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Short Stories to Get the Mind Going #5 - "Personal Storm"

Hello!  Back again with another short free write to get the juices flowing. 

This time around is a very short one.  It came out while i had some time to kill between shows and I guess I had some thoughts surrounding the complexities of our personal lives getting so chaotic that is brings down the world around us.  Living a life style that pulls you in every direction at all times can be daunting, not only for you but the people that care about you... 

The artist that assisted with this piece was the infamous Katie Baker.  She is a slave to the arts, going to an abundance of comedy shows to sketch each comic that goes on stage.  Which, if you've ever been to an open mic, is a large task.  Katie's view of the world is very intriguing and when this story popped out I knew she'd be the perfect one to add a little pizazz to it!  Make sure and check out her art on Instagram at SnappyBakes and you can follow her on Twitter as well.

Now without further ado... my story.  hope you enjoy!


took longer to get ready then originally anticipated.

my cereal even went soggy.  

decisions. decisions…  no telling what the day might have in store for me.  is it a blue jean day?  maybe a khaki?  definitely a sweater day.  the wind howling outside the window is a not so friendly reminder of the hell I’ll have to encounter before I can begin my stint in purgatory for the 9 hours that follow.  

then back out into the storm…  the never ending storm.  its been following me around for the past 5 years.  everywhere i go…  my own personal pet tornado.  constant destruction in a 10 yard radius around me…unless I'm inside.  then its a 10 yards away from the structure housing me.  

no idea what caused this…  went to bed on April 26, 2010, when I woke up, the weather had already changed for the worst.  now I don't have anything, cant go anywhere.  only two places in my life.  my house and work.  nowhere is possible, most forms of transportation get swept away.  that’s why I had to move to the desert.

that first day was the worst.  20 dead, $26 million in damages, all in 18 hours.  of those 20, 3 were my family.  now no-one will come near me.  afraid my storm might rub off on them…

thinking back to my life without the wind I wish I did more… I wish I took advantage of the time in the calm.  I remember a day my sister came home early, she tried to come in my room to see how my day had been going.  instead of greeting her with a smile and returning the intrigue into her life, I shunned her.  didn't even take my headphones off before I started yelling to get out.  

I envied her… she had everything going in the right direction.  her only fault was being related to me.  she wouldn't of changed that for the world.  

when i close my eyes I can still see them dying.  

time moves forward, memories stay in the past, and the present… well… it feels endless.  what I would give for a few seconds of piece and quiet.  

knowing how unstable I am is a really grounding thing.