Ryan Chani

come into my world and take a look around

Photo Credit:  Matt Cooney

I am a Boston based comedian taking advantage of my gregarious attitude by bringing humor to any stage/mic/backroom/attic/club/benefit/college/patio/waiting room/bat mitzvah/deck/funeral/etc. that will have me. 

My inability to hold my tongue, mixed with a whit that doesn't know when to quit, makes for some interesting experiences.  Allow me to tell you about them and maybe you can save yourself from some of the problems I've had the pleasure of dealing with.  

For information on credits please check out my "Where I've Been" page and feel free to judge until your heart is content!

Short Bio for Bookers

Ryan Chani regales audiences all over New England with his quick wit and sharp tongue. Originally from New Hampshire, Ryan now calls Boston home and has become a staple of the city's vibrant scene and beloved among comics and audience members alike. He's appeared on Nerdist's "Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction" podcast and Seeso's "Jonah Ray's Hidden America." He hosts the "Learn To Take A Joke" podcast, on which guests discuss the evolution of their best material. Keep up with his adventures in entertainment @RyanChani.

Keep up with my whereabouts by going to the my handy dandy "Where I'll Be" page.  Just don't stalk me...  Well, if you're going to stalk me at least be an interesting person.  And not the "I'm interesting to me" kinda interesting, I mean the type of interesting that allows you to "fit in and mingle anywhere"  (disclaimer:  If you think you're that interesting, you're probably not)

Now that's outta the way.  Take a look at where I'll be!  

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